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  1. If individual travellers in your group have very different interests and preferences, we recommend that each traveller fills in a separate form.
  2. If you’re not sure of the size or composition of your group at present, please fill in the form when you have a clearer idea. However, if you are the decision-maker for the group, go ahead and fill in the information on behalf of the group.
  3. Most questions are followed by a space for additional comments, please do feel free to make liberal use of this option. You may choose to list down specific activities that you wish to undertake, mention specific places you would like to visit, or add information of any kind you think is likely to help us plan your holiday better.
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1. Age of adult travellers: (If you are a varied age group, please specify number and gender in each category. For example, two females and three males will be 2F, 3M)

18 to 29
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40 to 49
50 to 59
60 to 69
70 and Above
2 Age of children / teenagers in group:
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4 to 9
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3. Why am I taking this holiday?

Want to do a family thing after ages
Getting away from the family for a bit
Re-discovering myself
Want to immerse myself in another culture for a while
Time for the annual vacation
As a part of my business trip
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4. What kind of an Indian experience am I looking for?

Hip and Urban
Remote and Rural
Jungles and Wildlife
Mountains and Hill Stations
History and Art Oriented
Local People, Culture and Lifestyles
Spiritual / Eastern Philosophy / Ashram Experience
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Unravel my travel
  Where can I leave my bags?
I am a rough-it-out kind of person; I’m not fussy about the places I stay in.
I do not want to spend huge amounts, but I like my accommodation to be average (2-3 star).
I like mid-range accommodation; 3-4 star places sound great!
I like to mix and match on a single holiday. One or two places/days in luxury hotels and others in medium budget hotels are my kind of thing.
I like luxury accommodation, especially in India!
  I’d like to add:
  How do I get around?
I love backpacking, walking, public transport…roughing it out is no issue with me! Am also prepared for the unexpected.
I like comfortable travel (taxis and coaches), but am willing to rough it out if the occasion demands.
I like my transport to be superior and move like clockwork.
I prefer luxury travel.
I like travelling with other people. Get a little nervous about being on my own in a strange country!
  I’d like to add:
  The local folk and me:
I enjoy discovering new places by simply walking around and interacting with people I meet on the street.
I like to observe new people / cultures from the outside. I’ll watch what is happening but don’t want to get involved.
I’m not really interested in new cultures. All I want is to understand the basics that are needed for me to have a nice holiday.
I want to be a complete recluse this holiday and have as little to do with other people as possible!
  I’d like to add:
  Rural or urban?
While I like discovering new cultures, I’d like to restrict my experience to the large cities with big-city infrastructure. I understand India has a large rural culture, but I’d like to keep that for some other time.
I would love to discover rural India – I want to live with all that comes along with it. I understand rural India may not have many things I take for granted—like ATMs KFCs, McDonald’s, fine dining restaurants, cabs, money changers, familiar languages, regular public transport, etc. But hey, I live only once!
  I’d like to add:
  I’m vegetarian
: Yes      No
  Am I a foodie?
I try everything, the more adventurous the better!
I love the experience of eating local cuisine wherever I go.
Food and drink are the most important part of my holiday.
I am not fussy. Anything goes as long as it is edible!
Spicy Indian food doesn’t bother me!
Indian food is great in general, but I’d like to eat some familiar food once in a while (let me explain what I generally eat).
I love different kinds of food but I have specific tastes. Let me tell you. (Please elaborate below).
I am extremely cautious about the quality and type of food I eat.
  I’d like to add:
  Type of cuisine I prefer
Fast Food
Pan Asian
  I’d like to add:
  Shop till I drop?!
I can’t imagine a holiday without shopping!
I’m an impulsive shopper; love picking up stuff as I go along. I don’t need specific times to shop.
I usually like to keep aside specific times to shop on a holiday.
I don’t mind it, as long as I don’t have to do it myself.
I hate it! It often ruins my holiday if I am with someone who is even remotely interested in shopping!
  I’d like to add:

My shopping style:
I only shop for local craft that will remind me of my trip forever.
I like big malls where you can shop for a variety of local and international merchandise.
  I’d like to add:
[Check all that apply to this holiday]

Yes, I’d love to! Not sure, game for a try!
Not a part of this holiday!
1. Historical Sights
Visiting historic sites (anything that has historical significance)

Visiting buildings of local interest / significance

Temple art and architecture

2. Religion and Spirituality
Visiting religious monuments and places of worship
Visiting ashrams
Pilgrimage centres and places of worship
Yoga and exposure to other forms of spiritual awakening
3. Art and Culture
Theatre (plays, street theatre, puppet shows, etc.)
Local music / Dance performances
Festivals and celebrations
4. Wildlife / Nature Adventures
Going on guided safaris
Camping in the wild / Bird watching
Nature walks / Parks / gardens
Zoo and bird parks
5. Adventure / Sports
Please note: Travel by Design works exclusively with professionals in the adventure field in India.
Hiking / Trekking / Rock climbing
Mountaineering / Skiing
Water Sports (Canoeing, River rafting, Para sailing, Sailing, Windsurfing, etc.)
6. Partying / Night Life
Pubs and bars / Lounge bars
Discotheques / Night clubs
Restaurants / Cafés
7. Rest and Relaxation
Spa / Massages
Ayurvedic health treatments
Gentle nature walks
Holistic health centres
Lots of solitude
I’d like to add:
What is the one most important memory you would like to bring back from this particular holiday? (You can be as descriptive as possible, especially if you have read about or are otherwise aware of an Indian experience. Your response will give us a clearer idea of your expectations)