We believe that travel is one of the most enriching experiences of them all—and is essential to a full and well-rounded life. The way we see it…

…Travel is a mind-broadening experience
Travel is not about getting away from the routine to have a good time. It is all about getting to understand yourself and the world around you in a deeper, better sense—in settings that are new, different, exciting, thought-provoking and, therefore, unforgettable. Travel is a great teacher. Removing you from your familiar world, it widens your horizons and broadens your perspective—in the nicest possible way. It makes you see the world and people through different eyes. It opens not only your mind, but also your heart. At its best, travel can be a truly life-altering experience.

…You make the holiday what it is
A memorable travel experience depends not so much on the places visited, but rather, on the people doing the visiting. After all, no two individuals ‘see’ a monument, event, city, country or people in the same way.

Your reactions to the view from high atop a glacier; dinner of local street food, while surrounded by the confusing cacophony of an unknown language; visit to a glittering, seemingly endless shopping mall; or trek along a silent, pristine mountain path; may be very different from that of the person next to you—friend or stranger.
The uniqueness of your responses is what makes travel a personal journey of self-discovery. Whether you are traversing routes that take you to destinations visited by multitudes or are travelling to one of our planet’s many ‘undiscovered’ places—quaint, off the beaten track and rich in promise of the unknown. Ultimately, a holiday is what you make of it.

And you can make it wonderful.

…A truly memorable holiday has to revolve around your tastes and interests
We believe that a really enjoyable and memorable holiday is one that centres around your interests, your tastes, your expectations…as opposed to a generic itinerary ‘planned’ for a diverse group of unconnected strangers.

A ‘you-centric’ holiday ensures that limited time (and often, limited budget) is spent seeing places and doing things that you find exciting and enjoyable. So your holiday is rich in meaningful travel experiences. Full of special moments photographs may not be able to capture, but the mind can never forget.

Our philosophy is very real to us. It is the way we travel. If this page strikes a chord within you, then we are delighted to welcome you to our world.

Why Travel Now?

Why do more people seem to be travelling than ever before? We’re not talking of business travellers here. We mean young couples, large family groups, colleagues, senior citizens, young mothers, friends on reunion…The traveller profile covers an ever-widening spectrum of ages and social groups. Interestingly, many are first-time travellers. All kinds of people seem to have been bitten by the travel bug all of a sudden. Why is that?

Now, more than ever, the world seems a more open, accessible and travel-friendly place. For several reasons:
  • ‘Getting there’ is so easy
    Circumnavigating the world has never been easier. With the increased sophistication and convenience of air routes and travel networks, travel outside the country is becoming as easy as travel within it. Even the most far-flung places, which at one time would have been off-the-tourist-radar, are now well connected by air, rail or road—and don’t seem so distant anymore.

  • It’s also much more affordable
    Fares are getting more reasonable by the day. Special discounts and off-season rates can bring even destinations that were once too expensive within your budget.

    Further, you no longer have to dip into your savings or have a large disposable income at hand in order to travel. Today, loans are easily available to make travel an immediate possibility.

  • A wide range of accommodation options are available
    With the world-wide increase in travel and tourism, you now have a wide variety of accommodation to choose from: hotels of all ‘stars’, motels, inns, guest houses, country homes, chalets, tent and tree house camps… Whether you’re travelling 5-star or on a budget, you are sure to find something to suit your taste.

  • Travel is being recognised as a benefit for both body and mind…
    As life becomes increasingly fast-paced, stress-filled and stressful, people are recognising the need to relax, unwind, step out of the confines of their immediate circumstances and take time off to smell the roses. And very rightly, travel is being seen as one of the best sources of relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • …and a wonderful means of education
    Educators worldwide emphasise the unmatchable value of ‘experiential learning’. Travel is one of the best examples of such learning: putting people in direct contact with new places, people, languages, religions, cultures, attitudes… thereby enabling them to understand the unfamiliar not only intellectually, but from the heart as well.

  • There are options to ‘package tours’
    Not so long ago, package tours were the most convenient way to visit new and unfamiliar destinations. Today, ideas—and options—are very different. (Your being on this website right now is living proof of the change that has taken place!) Travellers can now enjoy customised holidays designed to suit their tastes, interests and requirements—through professional services offered by a consultant like us.

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New Zealand: Taking a short break from driving. Not because we needed one, but it was so scenic we had to stop!

Global Village Backpackers, Greymouth, South Island: Such fun! Each Backpacker House had its own character, flavour, rules and quirks. Standing in this kitchen in New Zealand, I was inspired to make chicken curry! This does not happen in my own kitchen.