Create a desire to travel in a new way. It’s a line that we came to after discussions and debates over endless coffees, pondering over logos, typefaces, websites, business vision, target audiences... how did we start and why? And where do we want to take this venture?

The way we see it… Travel is not about getting away from the routine to have a good time. It is all about getting to understand yourself and the world around you in a deeper, better sense—in settings that are new, different, exciting, thought-provoking and, therefore, unforgettable. Travel is a great teacher. Removing you from your familiar world, it widens your horizons and broadens your perspective—in the nicest possible way. It makes you see the world and people through different eyes.

But, what do we really want to do here? Inspired all at once by Lonely Planet and the independent European traveller, and by the Indian traveller, Pico Iyer, and our own travels, we plunged headlong into this idea we had—Travel is one of the most enriching experiences of them all. And essential to a full and well-rounded life.

How do we get the regular Indian traveller to holiday differently? How do we bring the foreign traveller into India to see and understand India differently? Must independent travel always be unplanned and spontaneous? Is it only for the young? Does India only want package tours? And what about non-package tours, that we so believe in—is it always about ‘getting under the skin’?

Would we go to unknown territories? Must you know a lot about the country you are visiting? Why do we keep returning to places? Is it because of the happy experiences there? The familiarity? Or, is there a personality connection?

And, what do we do with these ideas? Should we be the ones to start this? This place that connects all these ideas, and puts them together into a tailor-made holiday? The place that understands you, the customer, your dreams, and gives you a personalised, customised holiday? Does it even make sense to quit our corporate jobs that we’ve had for over 10 years?

Before we knew it, we had. And Travel by Design was born. With the strong belief that a truly memorable holiday has to revolve around your tastes and interests... as opposed to a generic itinerary ‘planned’ for a diverse group of unconnected strangers.

Started by two avid travellers (and there are never too many travel enthusiasts!) who have lived many a travel experience and truly enjoy sharing them, Travel by Design has evolved from offering informal advice and assistance on travel to close friends, to a professional consultancy.

Bringing a professional and customised approach to travel planning—emerging out of a deep interest in understanding people, we are two professionals who moved out of corporate jobs to make travel a full time career. Who want to use their knowledge, sensibility, and insight in being your holiday guide.
We think it is truly our privilege.


Kuwara Bridge, Queenstown: It's done! Relieved and wearing the T-shirt I got after doing the 'Bungy' at the Kuwara Bridge (the original bungy site)

New Zealand: The perfect country to explore on a self-drive road trip! We kept stopping off the highway and the view was always this pretty.