1. What does your fee include?
    The fee we charge is for a comprehensive itinerary, and will include all the elements that go into designing your holiday: discussions, meetings, briefings, compiling of research and reference material, budgeting, etc. The professional charges mentioned in the website are usually for a single family/small group. For large groups, please write to us at info@travelbydesign.in

  2. What are the modes of payment you accept?
    Cheques, drafts and bank wire transfers. We do not accept credit card payments.

  3. What do I get in my hand from you before I leave on my holiday?
    What you will get, based on your brief to us, is a thoroughly researched and well-planned printed itinerary for your holiday, with as much detail, flexibility and information as you opt for. You will benefit from our wide networking capability, our associates and our ability to find the right fit between you, the places that would interest you and the things you’d like to do.

  4. I’ve never received, or paid for, a service like yours. Can’t I get the same service from my travel agent and not be charged for it?
    Travel advice and planning—in other words, custom-designing itineraries—is a relatively new service. Regular travel agents don’t offer this for two major reasons: One, this is not their main line of work or interest and two, they do not have the required profile of people to handle such requirements.

  5. Do you undertake airline and hotel bookings as well?
    Yes, we do. But only as part of creating the itinerary. We don’t do airline and hotel bookings as a stand-alone service.

  6. If I don’t want a custom-designed itinerary, will you handle the bookings alone?
    No, we don’t. Please refer answer above.

  7. If I prefer a single-window handling of my holiday, will you take it on?
    Yes, we will. We work with a reliable network of travel agents with contacts across different countries to ensure that you are not bogged down by logistics. Since they are the experts in the fields of ticketing and other logistics, they will be in touch with you, as part of Travel by Design, on matters related to ticketing, visas, any modifications you may require, any special requests, etc. Travel by Design will focus on its own area of expertise, which is to design the itinerary.

  8. How will I be able to interact with you if I am not based in Bangalore?
    We have taken care of that. The questionnaire on the website is a near-replica of what we would discuss with you across the table. While we’d love to meet every single customer of ours, we understand geographical limitations. However that should not come in the way of being able to use our services for your benefit. We will make up for the absence of personal meetings with emails and phone calls.

  9. What role do I have to play in your designing a holiday for me?
    Holidays are personal. Which is why it is critical that we work as a team. You need to share with us, well in advance, any information that may have a bearing on your holiday. This will enable us to understand your requirements thoroughly before we begin to plan your holiday. Our method of working is interactive and will involve you in the designing of the holiday. We believe that with this approach, your travel experiences (and excitement) will start even before your journey does.

  10. How do I know my holiday will work out like what I have in mind, or what I expect?
    The very reason we have an interactive method of working is to make you comfortable with the kind of holiday you opt for. We will ensure we understand your personality, needs and budget to tailor-make a holiday that suits your tastes and pace.

  11. What if things don’t go according to how I expected them to?
    Expectations are dynamic, commitments are not –we will definitely honour all commitments we make, and in travel, we only make commitments to the extent we have control over factors. Travellers will need to be resourceful to handle unforeseen situations that may come up during travel –from simple issues like a leaking tap in a hotel bathroom (all it requires is a call to housekeeping!) to complex issues like a change in travel plans forced by an airline strike in the country of your visit.

  12. Can’t I do all this myself?
    Holiday planning is as much about putting it all together sensibly as it is about having the right information. People often remark “yeah, sure, but all this is available on the Internet”. The Internet is a fantastic source for information, but translating information to an actual, working travel programme requires the skills and discrimination that come with interest and experience. Incidentally, the Internet is only one of our information sources. Having the right network of associates and access to multiple sources of information, like we do, can make a world of difference.

Note: If you have specific questions other than the ones listed under the faqs, please feel free to write to us at info@travelbydesign.in with the specific information you require and we’ll be happy to provide it.