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As designers of customised holidays, we are in the serious business of creating the perfect match between people and places.

We design both personal holidays and corporate vacations through a unique 3-step process, detailed below. Our corporate vacation options include Working Holidays for individuals or groups who travel abroad on work, or are abroad on short/medium stints; Short Group Holidays for groups of corporate professionals wanting to take a group break/holiday; Reward/Incentive Holidays for Employees; Annual Conferences/Meetings and Top Management Getaways. Click here for more on these travel options.

Step 1: Understanding your requirements
Introduce yourself to us by filling in our online questionnaire.

Carefully conceived, our questionnaire gives us a broad picture of both you and your likely holiday preferences: What kind of holiday are you looking for? What do you enjoy doing? Would you prefer soaking in the local culture or going on a hike, or both? Would a trip up the Eiffel Tower thrill you more than a drop down a cliff on a bungee jump?...

If you’re travelling with a group of people—family, friends or colleagues—our questionnaire will give us an idea of the ‘group think’, so that we can consider not only what all of you could do, individually or together, but the pace at which you should do it.

Step 2: Getting to know you better
We then begin the process of getting to know you better—either through email, telephone or, if you live in Bangalore, a personal meeting. We get a clearer understanding of your personality, temperament and expectations. Of the pace and style that would suit you best. Of the kind of travel experience you want. Of the destination options that will excite you…and best fit your budget. With this deeper understanding of your personality, tastes and interests, we will recommend a range of possible holiday options. Then, together, we’ll figure out which place you’d most enjoy visiting.

Step 3: Planning your holiday: Sequence and details
Once the destination is finalised, we will work out the sequence and details of your travel programme:

  • Itineraries:
    What would you like to do once you get there? What qualifies as a “must see”and “must do”? What would you be quite happy leaving out? Which are the most suitable restaurants for you? What kind of shopping should you be doing?

    Your itinerary can be as specific or as flexible as you want it to be. We have created excellent itineraries under both categories in the past.

    Some people like a fluid holiday. While they want a basic framework, they revel in a ‘take it as it comes’approach; enjoying the diversions that unexpected discoveries in new places bring their way. For them we create broad itineraries—suggestions and information on what they could do and see—and arrange for accommodation in the places they definitely want to visit.

    Others prefer a more fixed-and-settled approach. For them, we micro-plan to the minute—right down to where to have breakfast, lunch and dinner (including distances and bus numbers from the hotel to restaurants), exactly when to visit a specific monument or museum and just how long to stay, when to take an afternoon siesta, how long to shop and where, when to leave for the airport and so on...

    To know more, click "Sample Itineraries".

  • Information:
    An informed traveller is a happy, secure traveller. We will provide you with a wealth of information on the places you are visiting. Not just historical background or tourist information, but specific, sensible, travel advice: orientation on the local culture and customs, areas that may be considered unsafe, how you should dress, what you should carry…(As you know through About Us, all of us at Travel by Design are filled with an unquenchable wanderlust. We have travelled far and wide; we are in obsessive touch with all matters related to travel and travelling. We have a great deal of information that we love to share.) With strong tie-ups and experienced associates all over the world, we will ensure you feel secure no matter how far from home you are.

  • Travel arrangements:
    We’ll work out your entire travel programme and all the detailed arrangements it involves—from routes, sequence of travel, transport options at your destination…and more. We will make and confirm all bookings.

    Our area of focus and expertise is on designing your itinerary. However, if you would like us to, we can also help you with your basic travel arrangements. We work with a reliable network of travel agents with contacts across different countries. Since they are the experts in the fields of ticketing and other logistics, they will be in touch with you, as part of Travel by Design, on matters related to ticketing, visas, any modifications you may require, any special requests, etc.

  • Accommodation:
    We will guide you on the best places to stay—based on your preferences, budget, convenience of location and the kind of facilities the hotel offers. We will make and confirm bookings and even check on accommodation in nearby places of interest (in case you should decide to deviate from your programme once you are there).

As you can see, a Travel by Design holiday is unique to you; personalised to suit your tastes and temperament, saturated with the real excitement of travel.

To get your personalised holiday started, click here.

More on Corporate Holidays

Working Holidays
For professionals (individuals or groups) who travel abroad on work, or are abroad on short/medium stints

What do you do when you find you have a few free days in the midst of a business trip? Most people wind up whiling away time holed up in their hotel or aimlessly wandering through malls and spending money they don’t really need to spend. What a waste of time and opportunity!

Next time you have a few days to spare in the midst of a trip, let us design a short ‘getaway’itinerary especially for you. We will identify places that will be of interest to you, within suitable proximity of where you’re staying, and we’ll create a holiday plan best suited to your time availability. Needless to say, if you have more days to spare (even if they are spaced apart) we can help you get the most out of them as well.

We can do the same for foreign professionals doing short stints in India.

The fee for working out such itineraries will be on a case-to-case basis and will depend on the complexity of the itinerary.

Short Group Holidays
For groups of corporate professionals wanting to take a group break/holiday

We can put together an itinerary (depending on the time available and interests) for holidays in India or abroad—with all the logistics details worked out as well.

Reward/Incentive Holidays for Employees
Rewards for achieving targets or exceeding sales expectations have included sending the high-achievers on a holiday. But it is a challenge to figure out what a group, as a whole, wants to do and then design an itinerary to suit different tastes. What usually results is an expensive, somewhat unimaginative, compromise: a luxurious 5-star resort/hotel holiday.

We can make the memorable difference between a reward holiday and a rewarding holiday. We’ll identify the specific group’s dynamics, work closely with its members to arrive at the options they find most enjoyable, create interesting itineraries and make all the necessary arrangements. In short, ensure they have a unique and thoroughly satisfying holiday.

Annual Conferences/Meetings
Despite best efforts, Outbounds/Offsites/Annual Conferences often become predictable, run-of-the-mill events—indistinguishable from the ones held last year, or the year before.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Even a 2-day conference can be made interesting; not only by the accommodation you choose, but also by the different experiences you can gather outside the conference room, and the environment that surrounds you. We can make that happen.

Top Management Getaways
Many people in the higher levels of management have travelled fairly widely in the course of their work. To most of them, the idea of travel may have lost its glamour and charm; travel becomes another airport, another hotel room, another city.

We can put the excitement back into travel. By bringing in the magic of new travel experiences and perspectives. We begin by meeting each individual and understanding their past travel background, tastes and interests. Then, supported by our network of associates, we’ll create a holiday that will delight.



Angkor Wat, Cambodia: Who built this stupendous, magnificent structure?

Thailand: This one-hour ‘elephant trek’ was hard on our rears, but fun!

Franz Josef Glacier, Southern Alps: A challenging glacier trek. We froze, while our seasoned guide was quite happy in her shorts.

Lady Knox Geyser, Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, Rotorua, New Zealand: Here was nature as unique as we had seen!

Kuwara Bridge, Queenstown: Doing the ‘Bungy’